ENLACE (pronounced "ehn-lah-seh," the Spanish word for LINK) is a non-profit organization (501c3) based in the U.S. and El Salvador that equips local churches and communities in Central America, Nepal, and the U.S. to develop sustainable solutions to poverty. 

ENLACE trains and coaches church and community leaders to engage and partner with each other and local and international organizations so that together we can maximize resources and design sustainable initiatives that will transform their communities and regions.

Projects often include:

  • food security (home gardens, chicken coops, and tilapia farms)
  • clean water and sanitation systems
  • medical care and health education
  • home building and repair
  • small business ventures and loans
  • roads, bridges, and community infrastructure


LOCALLY IDENTIFIED / churches listen, engage and collaborate with their communities effectively to identify and design projects that meet a felt need with local resources.

LOCALLY FUNDED by at least 50% / every dollar raised internationally is matched and leveraged through local contributions of funds, materials and labor. At least fifty percent of all project costs are contributed by church, community and local governments.

LOCALLY MANAGED AND SUSTAINED / churches and community organizations are connected, strengthened and empowered to maintain and develop future projects. 100% of projects are managed and financially sustained by church and community organizations.